Sunday, April 06, 2008

100th Post Spectacular!!!

This is my 100th post... that's about it.

Sorry, it ain't my take on some expensive, 'special-occasion' restaurant somewhere, money's been kind hard lately.

Anyways, thanks to anyone out there who actually doesn't get bored of my image-less stuff and doesn't get frustrated by my lagger postings, and of course, to all those random clickers who found me by accident.

I never thought this thing would last so long, I hope this is only the beginnning...

(by any chance, is anyone else going to the San Francisco Chocolate Salon? I'm on the press list but have no way of getting there! oh, and I am allowed to take one other free guest with me so...

1 comment:

H. C. said...

Congrats on making your 100th! I meant to do a very special 100th post for my blog too, but just noticed I've passed that mark.

Oh well, 200 here I come :)