Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Perfection of Wisdom and Food: Green Gulch Farm Zen Center (Green Dragon Temple; "Soryu-ji")

Where does time go? What is time anyways? ...Sorry, things haven’t been the way I’ve always thought them to be lately. After being out for so long, I forgot all about the infamous American college crunch, and how it tends to cripple you. Between that, and still trying to “discover myself” by me hitchhiking to San Francisco all by myself for a Zen retreat, my posts to my blog have sadly and unknowingly, become fewer and fewer in between. Well that, and not really having any financial fuel to keep my passion burning as smoothly as it used to (just like everything else).

I finally made it to one of Edward Brown’s teachings. He is the author of The Tassajara Bread Book and star of the movie “How to Cook your Life”. A Zen priest in the “get real” school of Zen, ordained by Suzuki Roshi and who happens to have a passion for food; the whole experience was probably one of the best in my life so far.

Not just because of the three daily meals made from the farms organic gatherings (although, it did play a huge part), their were things like freshly made Coffee Cake (both a regular and vegan one), still-warm Granola and other cereals, stewed fruit and fresh yogurt for breakfast every morning, For lunch it would most likely lean towards some of their famous GGF (Green Gulch Farm) organic fresh baked bread filled with their own potatoes, spreads of all kinds (tomato whip, hummus) , soups according to the season (potato leek soup, super hardy minestrone both one with and without noodles), gorgeous salads for, and more varieties of cooked greens than you even knew were edible for dinner (golden beet greens, this sort of kale –like meaty one). Not to mention, the plethora of organic teas that were offered 24/7, ooh…and that tantalizing smell of Fair Trade Organic Coffee every morning as we got up for Chi Gung and Meditation at 5:00AM (and I don’t even drink coffee).

He said it was going to be hard coming back to “real life” but I had no idea…

Green Dragon Temple (Soryu-ji)
1601 Shoreline Hwy
Muir Beach, CA 94965
Main Office: (415) 383-3134


H. C. said...

Wow -- quite an adventure! Was it a room & board in exchange for labor kind of operation?

Naomi said...

Did you go through the whole application process? On the GGF Website, it says "All apprenticeship applicants are required to stay at Green Gulch as Guest Students for two weeks so that we can meet you and you can experience Green Gulch. The cost of guest student residence is $20/day." But it sounds like you just went out there... I would really like to be an apprentice, but I don't know whether I can afford the guest apprenticeship trial period...