Tuesday, July 08, 2008

things that keep me looking forward in life...

The New Chinatowns Esotouric Bus Tour: July 12, 2008
Finally, the wonders of the San Gabriel Valley is given its much overdue respect that it deserves, and there's Dim Sum!!!

Who else wants to come?

Taiji Festival: Aug. 2, 2008
Like it says on the lower right over there, gotta balance my yin (food) with some sort of yang (anything else), trust me on this statement ("food" being one of the top things at the event has nothing to do with me going, I swear...).

26th Annual Wine and Food Festival: Sept. 26-28, 2008
Man, I will die a happier man if I make it to this, yet another challenge for The Glutster...

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H. C. said...

Ha, I wish I could make it into the Food & Wine Fest too.