Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eat, Drink and Support the Cause: PPLA's Annual Food Fare

Living in East L.A for the later half of my life, I've seen a lot of my 'homiez' unexpectedly became Daddies, forced to mature (basically drop out and get a haphazard construction job, permanently). Everyday, a new protruding belly seems to slowly make a questionable appearance on a staggering amount of girls around my 'hood, yoga class, school...everywhere.

Planned Parenthood is hosting it's annual Food Fare in a couple of weeks.

Akasha Restaurant/ Bar/ Bakery
Anisette Brasserie
Bar Pintxo
Bombay Cafe
Boneyard Bistro
Border Grill
Cafe La Boheme
Cafe Surfas
Cest La V Bakeshop
Cest Si Bon
Dandy Don’s Homemade Ice Cream
Il Grano Restaurant/ La Bottega Marino
Il Moro
James’ Beach
Joes Restaurant
La Provence Patisserie & Café
Lucques Restaurant
Mako Restaurant
Monsoon Cafe
Nawab of India
Ocean Ave. Seafood & Oyster Bar
Pazzo Gelato
Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs
Rick Royce Premier BBQ Catering
The Victorian & Duck Duck Mousse Catering
Upstairs 2

+ a bunch more, this is massive.

Eat, Drink, and Support the cause, ese.

PPLA FoodFare

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Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Thanks for the info on this event. Sounds like there are some nice restaurants showing up for a worthy cause.