Thursday, February 05, 2009

An Evening of Chocolate Bliss: In Search of the Heart of Chocolate (Screening)

Thanks to the folks from the almighty Chocolate Salon, I was invited for the screening of In Search of the Heart of Chocolate, a 'chocumentary' dwelling into the drive of chocolate "enthusiasts" (not addicts) and analyzing chocolates ability to build communities (proof of this seen clearly: people disregarding the grizzly L.A rain and traffic and still coming out?)

Anyways, the short documentary by Sarah Feinbloom turned out to be a comedic riot, exposing the 'sinful' happiness admitted by various "percenters" (level of chocolate lovers = type)

Eating about a pound of chocolate paraphernalia and still going back for seconds, thirds, fourths of Tulip Cups with Chocolate Passionfruit Mousse and White Chocolate Macademia Meyer Lemon Bars at their Chocolate Buffet (courtesy of chocolatier Susie Norris), I was truly in a state of chocolate bliss. After a while though, I noticed everyone was twice my age and staring suspiciously at me so I scampered quietly away.

Don't know if it was the 'hyper-active' properties of chocolate (talked about in the film) but I think I spotted Mick Jagger there licking chocolate off a girls neck, ha. I'm not usually the one to notice these things so don't quote me on this...

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