Friday, January 23, 2009

Mole Props: Gold Shouts me Out on L.A Weekly

Jonathan Gold has been my unbeknown long time guru of gastronomy. He unknowingly took me in back when I was in the 11th grade, the first time I read the weekly other than to see what local punk shows were coming up--I was mesmerized.

Every single Thursday morning I would eagerly walk to the nearest distributor of the Weekly--this coffee place that was 5 blocks the other direction from campus--and stumble my way back to school, late, reading his newest find and slowly walking. Many times, walking by a lot of those places.

This, in combination with a growing obsession with food and a less than social High School experience...was the birth of Teenage Glutster.

I've actually met him a few times already and was rather blissful to find out that he knew I was even alive. But when I found out that he recently gave me props on this Weeks review of Moles la Tia, I was euphoric.

"Word got around about La Tia almost the moment it opened, from a WIDELY NOTICED post on the Teenage Glutster Blog..."(28 Gold)

Mundane Mexican No More was one of my most passionate pieces ever, just one of those moments, I remember I couldn't rest until I was done with it.

Thank you Food Shifu, thank you.


mattatouille said...

Don't just follow Gold, Javiar, surpass him. You can.

pleasurepalate said...

You definitely deserved that shout out. Because of your find, other bloggers took notice, posted their reviews and now Moles la Tia is getting some great recognition. Here's to discovering LA's tasty hidden treasures! :)

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Congrats on the mention in LA Weekly! :) It was because of your original post that I found your site and heard about Moles La Tia.

Pepsi Monster said...

Oh Wow! It was great to meet you on Wednesday. I'm thrilled about the prop that JG have given you. Finally, he threw some prop out to people that deserved it. Great job my man!