Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Yang or All My Ying II: What balances the Glutster

"but you're so skinny!?"

...the standard reply I get when people find out about my blog or find out I am the "Teenage Glutster".

Here to dispel the myth that it's not always food and fun, well ok, mostly it is, but with great power [fast metabolism] comes great responsibility [constantly eating or else...YOU NO LIKE GLUTSTER WHEN HE GO HUNGRY!]

Besides, I do plenty of other 'non-food' stuff, you know--to pass the time until I eat again?

Took up fencing a year ago and now in Pasadena City College Fencing Club/Team...

Stage-diving 10ft, pitting and crowdsurfing surely burns some calories no?

Squint real hard, i'm that big dark silhouette that's blocking the band then all of a sudden on the pit area on the main level, landed on a bouncer and had to take off my headband to not get handled out.

Tai-Ji (Yang Style Short 24 Form) and Chi-Gong have also become part of the Glutster lifestyle.

Spot me in last row and trip out, ha, ha. Actually in Southern California Tai-ji Association...

And last but not least...the homebrew:

freak of nature

Been brewing home-made Kombucha for about two years now, it's got my back and I got it's. It's a persnickety little mother though, must dedicate a couple hours a week harvesting it's wonder-juice.

"looking forward to my next meal and reminiscing in my last..."
--Javier Cabral


burumun said...

Ahh the kombucha homebrew.
Like some of the others, I too thought kombucha was some sort of tea, but thanks for setting us straight! Your homebrew was pretty tasty, wish I had me a regular supply to balance this pig :P

H. C. said...

Nice -- yea, despite us foodbloggers' common passion for all things edible and potable, it's definitely nice to see what other interests, hobbies and, dare I say, obsessions, we've taken up ;)

oh yea, when can I taste your kombucha? ;)

Daily Gluttony said...

haha nice. slamdancing would surely burn off all that birria.

hey, where do you do your taichi? my hubby's always been interested but thought it's be weird to do it solely w/ a bunch of 80 yr old chinese ladies.

Gastronomer said...

Awesome, Jav. Reminds me of how I stayed fit in Saigon: http://gastronomyblog.com/2008/04/09/saigon-street-aerobics/

weezermonkey said...

My college roommate was a fencer! New Jersey champ, in fact!

Sadly, I am a plump food blogger. It's ok. I have many other good attributes. :)

Diana said...

Nice to finally put a face to the teenage glutster name last night! Was a pleasure meeting and dining with you.


Jin said...

the other day i shook a bottle of wholefoods kombucha and it literally exploded all over the floor and on my crotch. luckily kombucha dries and it doesn't really smell that much. my crotch smelled but the floor didn't. phew!

anyway, would you be making kombucha again anytime soon? i got access to a camera and i just bought lights and mics so anything is a go (just depends on scheduling). let me know if we can do a fitness episode!

Aaron said...

This is a good way to open up the other side of you. I like the videos and photos. Your blog is much more lively now that it's multimedia