Thursday, July 02, 2009

East L.A Meets Napa and What? Friday July, 10th (Union Station)


Its not always 40 oz and cheap vodka...

To benefit AltaMed Health Services, a corporation that has truly helped out more than a few of my friends and their families through out the constructs of Eastern L.A.

This event will feature coveted wines from fellow latino owned vineyards and food from places that my parents used to eat at ever since I could remember.

East LA Meets Napa
Union Station
July 10 at 6 PM

Attila the Flan
Birrieria Chalio
Casa de Moles “La Tia”
Cook’s Tortas
El Portal
El Tepeyac Café
Frida Restaurant
Hacienda de San Ysidro
Homegirl Café
La Casita Mexicana
La Parrilla Restaurant
Palate Food + Wine
Phlight Restaurant
Porto’s Bakery & Café
Tamaya Restaurant
Tila’s Kitchen

Alex Sotelo Cellars
Ceja Vineyards
Cobblestone Vineyards
El Centauro del Norte
Elements of Sonoma
Gloria Ferrar Winery
Humulus Vintners
J Lohr Vineyards & Wine
Karl Lawrence
Mi Sueno
Nevarez Vineyard
Renteria Wines
Robledo Vineyards
San Antonio Winery
Sequoia Grove Vineyards


Mexico City Sundae w/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Habanero Caramel and Cinnamon from Rivera Restaurant.

Hay los veo...


Christina said...

I covet that sundae.

Food, she thought. said...

nice coverage, glutster! fun to eat with you afters!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Thanks for the info. This event looks crazy! :) It should be a good time, right? :)