Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Durian Encounters: Tania Hernandes

Based on my long standing infatuation with the luscious, acquired flesh of the aromatic Durian fruit, I will be starting a new series of video segments labeled Durian Encounters, in which I will record people's first encounters with this "King of Fruits" as it is known as.

For any of those not in the exotic know, Durian is a dangerous-looking, hard shelled, spiky fruit with a particularly creamy, custard flesh within it. Since the first time I had it a couple of years ago, it has enticingly stank its way into my heart, eating it as much as I can afford since it is quite pricy due its exclusive Asian origin (Usually $3-$4 = $27 each average) a pound; smallest ones weighing around 5-6 lbs)


Actually illegal in its raw state in the U.S up until a couple of years ago, they finally allowed the Morn Thang variety from Thailand--the most common--to be imported and sold fresh rather than frozen.

The only Kryptonite to the Super--weird food---Man Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods by the way..

...definitely on my list of "Death Row" or "Desert Island" foods.

The lovely Tania Janice Hernandez of Alhambra High School:

Durian fruit is available in most Chinese Markets (Shun Fat, 99 Ranch) even in a couple of small markets in Chinatown, usually showed off in sidewalk.

To get just a feel for it (in a drink, cake, dessert etc.) most Vietnamese pho places will have it in shake form. Noodle Planet has it on top of sticky rice with Coconut! Swoon!

Might as well be a guest for my series while you're at it :)


Andrew said...

wow, she is way more down for it than i was the first time around. I couldn't get past that intense stench!! this is a great idea for a series, by the way.

weezermonkey said...

It's funny how something so stinky can actually taste kinda good. I remember laughing at signs when I was in Singapore -- you get fined for eating durian in public there!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Oh no! Not Durian! :P (Sorry, I can't stand that fruit. :). It's... definitely challenging.

Kirby! said...

Stinky cheesy fruit?? Color me interested. Where can one procure this stuff? Eastside locations, preferably.

Nobel4Lit said...

I actually don't think durian is that bad. Sure, its smell is strong, but it doesn't smell bad. I like it frozen, in small amounts, in mung bean drinks.

Evelina said...

I LOVE durian and thinks it's really funny that people think it smells bad! Durian smells like heaven to me--it's comfort food. I once was lucky to have it almost everyday one summer!

I actually haven't had it this summer, though and I can't bring myself to buy the prepackages stuff because it's not the same as the creamy globs that are freshly pulled out from the spiky fruit (my family has become professionals at tearing the fruit apart). I'm surpised to hear that the fruit was ever banned because my family has been buying it from the market since I was born. Are you referring to a particular variety?

Great post! Can't wait to see what other reactions you'll get.

mattatouille said...

I haven't had durian for a year. we still need to have our deranged durian party of which we spoke. $50 a head for all the durian you want. ew. haha

mattatouille said...

or we can just get some in Indonesia!

Kirby! said...

Totally! I'll let you know the next time I am heading to that neighborhood and perhaps we could rendezvous.

Aaron said...

Durian is more than just "dangerous looking," it actually falls on people annually. Also, there's this weird myth with durian and alcohol. You'll be enjoying lots of it in Indonesia for sure