Friday, September 11, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm: Live Blogging (Jakarta) Indonesia‏

Matt productivity
It's like the calm before the storm maan"

Mattatouille tells me this from across the table with his feet on top of the coffee table. We both just finished having thin airport noodles at the Mandala swanky of the few that probably has air conditioning. And now...just relaxing and nibbling on sticky rice wrapped chicken and caramelized spice, salty, dried rubber cement like rice chips, we're at this executive all you can eat lounge waiting for our delayed flight...


Don't know the differences between lunch, dinner or breakfast anymore since we've both been travelling for a good complete day already--
We had also just had lunch at this noodle place, Bakmi Gajah Mada our Indonesian-born friend (and guide!) Gourmet Pigs had recommended. They had some pretty thin, flat vermicelli like noodle made from wheat, with multiple toppings. I got one that they cashier just recommended since there was a language barrier. Came out to be a solid, Chinese-y style, light corn-starch infused sauce with mixed veggies and Halal compliant meat and seafood.
It's actually Ramadan and peoples aren't supposed to be eating in daylight but...visiting Agnostic/Buddhist's/Ifa questioning foodblogger's are exempt.
An honorable damn of a mention goes out to China Airlines for enticing me to eat airplane food and actually enjoying it in the wee hours of the morning.
Disoriented Bento, Chinese style? Such varied flavors of soggy, meager portions added up for quite the redeeming experience:
"Seafood Rice"? Bu shi, Bu shi!! In tact with a not too sweet soy sauce glaze and Surimi cakes
Double-fat back thick strips of intensely spiced ham with a tbsp of coleslaw?
Some New Zealand Butter for your fresh, soft pliable bun sir?
Green tea and dried fruit air bread came out of absolute nowhere!
Some good, milky flavor Oolong "Chinese Tea" had me tranquil and serene through out turbulence.

All this while listening to some Reggae-ton-like Indonesian music playing in the lounge--



Food, she thought. said...

Thinking of you three withn some J. Keep up the communiques!!!!

Aaron said...

Great way to start the adventures. It was too much for me to live blog on my trip. Hope you can keep it up

Christina said...

That's pretty good eating thus far!

Anonymous said...

hey avy...
Sharing food with u was fun :)


mattatouille said...

i think you may have misunderstood my mumbles (completely understandable). it's the calm before the storm haha. great traveling with you buddy