Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Packing my Bags and Leaving to Indonesia


Fresh Durian here I come!

An all out food immersion trek with native Gourmet Pigs and other fellow blogger Mattatouille...I can barely contain myself!

To break out of my "East L.A Bubble", you know...see the rest of world "while I'm young"?

wish me luck--

Here is some good 'ol fashioned, kind-hearted Indonesian Punk for ya'll too--happy, positive punk music is hard to find nowadays....

"I want fun! I want Happiness!"

Zabogart-Indonesian Punk


Christina said...

AAHHHHH, that's awesome!!! Have a great time!

burumun said...

Ohh all the things I want you guys to eat! There's not enough time though, so I'll need to pick carefully so as not to disappoint you :p But yes, be ready!!!!

Food, she thought. said...

What fun traveling companions! Seeing the world while you are young is wonderful because you are able to see it in ways you might not be willing to see it when you are older. I cannot wait to see pics and read about food.

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Lucky! :) I'm jealous. I hope to live vicariously through your reports on great Indonesian Food these coming days. :)

imi said...

aloha, gluster..
As I thumbed through your fotos on a rainy day.. I said to myself "I REALLY LOVE THIS GUYS FOTOS"... Your trip to Indonesia made me extremely happy and I felt like I was traveling through your fotos! It's nice seeing these things through your eyes.. and ferocious and explicit taste! I digggg it, maaaan!!
Paz~from Thai Town, LA