Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Free Tickets to the L.A Chocolate Salon, Who's Down? (Giveaway!)


So after covering the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon since its L.A premiere in 2007 , I've made it up to the ranks of the "Salon Awards Tasting Panel" for this years event.

Why is this significant to you guys? I'm the one going to be gorging, I mean diligently "tasting" every single chocolate they have available, right?

...Well, now you can too!

Thanks to kind folks over at Taste T.V. I'm giving away TWO--count them, TWO--promotional tickets to this year's Chocolate

Now for the catch...

Just be kind and leave a comment!


A) Your full name

B) Your email (chose to be private, just email me:


C) A Glutster moment in your life...what is the most chocolate you've ever eaten in one sitting?

Be it all the chocolate from your trick or treat bag when you were younger, five times over Chocolate soft serve at a buffet somewhere or even just a complete bar of honest!

I will select a random winner by midnight on Thursday, October 1st.

...All of a sudden I feel like Willy Wonka with the last golden tickets or something.

Good Luck!


Julie said...

This chocolate incident just happened today as a matter of fact! I don't normally eat sweets but certain times I get a major chocolate craving. I hit up Crumbs for a Boston Cream Pie cupcake. I sat in my kitchen and scarfed as much of it down as I could, relishing the chocolate cream and the gooey custard in the middle. This thing was huge! I left about two bites of it on the kitchen table for later. A few minutes later my dad comes to my door to tell me he's eaten the rest of my cupcake. This is only significant because my father is very old - he's 83 and on a very restricted diet. He came to my door to tell me that was the first sweet he'd had in two years! This is as much of a glutton story of mine as it is my father's. Unfortunately I am the one who chooses to not eat sweets all the time so the cupcake was a big deal to me, but those last two bites were a HUGE deal to someone who loves sweets and greatly misses them. Thanks for letting me share. I would so love to go to this even and will make sure to bring my sweet tooth!

Christina said...

Whoa, best giveaway ever! If I think I can swing the airfare/hotel I'll comment appropriately later.

Lady Ducayne said...

Ok, I'm game!

Every year when I go on holiday vacation to Banff, Alberta, I visit a chocolate shop that sells the best bear claws I have ever had! They are made fresh daily and the actual bear claw is heavy because of how much chocolate goes into it. It has become something I look forward to each December, beause I only get to indulge in these amazing bear claws once a year.

Goodladyducayne @
Twitter: ladyducayne

Julie said...

I forgot to put my name down and email. Actually I'll leave my entire name out, but I'm the first commenter re: the shared cupcake - and you can find me at Thanks!!!

David Schneyer said...

David Schneyer


My Gluster moment happened approximately 10 years ago. I was out to dinner with my parents at Claim Jumper. I wanted to get dessert, and my parents did not feel like having more than a bite of it.

I ordered the Motherlode Cake, which is basically a GIANT SLICE of pure Chocolate Cake. Somewhere around 2,000+ Calories per slice. I managed to finish the whole thing, with my parents barely assisting me by taking a couple of forks worth.

Anonymous said...

Yesenia Zertuche

I'm a chocolate lover, always have been. When I was small I remember being excited about winter, because for me it meant being in "chocolate heaven". Almost every night I would ask my grandmother for hot chocolate milk. My grandmother's chocolate milk is made out of the those round Ibarra Chocolate bars. Every time she made it, I would make sure i had chunks of that chocolate bar in my cup, and towards the end I would slowly enjoy the chunks of chocolate at the end of my cup. As Christmas neared, my grandmother would again bring out the Ibarra chocolate to start making the mole for the tamales, I would ask her for a chunk just to enjoy by myself as I watched her prepare the mole for those delicious tamales that she still makes, which reminds me the last plate of mole i recently ate, It had that rich taste of that Ibarra chocolate. Around the week of Christmas, I would go with my parents to See's Candy and shop for boxes of chocolate as gifts. I would always ask for my own box, and my Father would buy me a box of chocolate truffles, and dark almond chocolates to enjoy for myself. During Christmas Eve, my mother would bring out the cookie dough, every time the cookie dough was revealed I would start picking the chocolate chips off the dough and melt them in my mouth... even to this day I pick at the cookie dough, and even enjoy fresh oven baked cookies with its melted chocolate chips. Those where my winters. Chocolate is my luxury, makes me happy when I'm down since it reminds of those winter days when I was young and worry free.

Chicken said...

A) Hanh Nguyen

B) (I'll email it to you)

C) My Glutster moment - I had a bag full of fancy, spiced truffles melt into a soup of yummy chocolate in its original bag, so I poured it into a tupperware box and then used that as a dip for granny smith apples. I won't say how many apples I went through.

S.J.L. said...

The easiest way to lose track of how much chocolate I'm downing is when it's in bite-size form. Don't give me a box of chocolates because I can pick through the whole thing in one sitting. I can't help it...I can't wait to know what's inside!

ab said...

While a freshman in college a friend and I challenged each other to see who could eat the most combination of smartfood popcorn and chocolate chip ice cream. I won, eating four bags and four pints in one sitting! You try that. I dare you...

Kathryn said...

Totally the Halloween bag, every single year! The only thing that's changed is now I buy the bag and sit on the couch with it waiting for the doorbell to ring. :-)

Jennifer said...

My Glutster involving chocolate. Hoo boy, I've got lots of those! I used to work at Teuscher Chocolates in Chicago and it was wonderful, although terrible for my waistline. Surrounded by the blissful smell of chocolates and constantly seeing the teasing morsels...le sigh.

My manager was truly wonderful. Awesome samples of the famed champagne truffles, chocolate treats during the many happy memories in that chocolate shop! Anywho, it was past the Christmas season and there were boxes of the previous shipment left. Since he didn't want it to go to waste, he gave me three boxes of chocolate, amounting to almost 150 truffles!!! So I had boxes of milk, dark and white chocolate truffles to take back home. Needless to say, my roommate and I were in chocolate heaven! We gorged on perhaps a dozen truffles before collapsing in a sugar-ridden coma.

mgn said...

ugh.. making myself sick on raw chocolate chip cookie dough. No regrets!
martina at