Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rambling in the Wee Hours: A Day In the Life of Glutster--A Saturday

Sometimes I still am amazed by my metabolism. Naturally by being a foodblogger, I am expected to eat a little more than the average food joe but sometimes I do think it can get kind of hardcore.

Got invited to a greek lamb roast tailgate party of some kind over at USC, arrived there with a Lambic Peche in already. The lamb had just gotten carved off the spit:

I get a couple of ribs,
a piece of shank,
a piece of loin,
a rare piece of bloody shoulder,
and of course...four large pieces of garlicky, lemon-pepper skin.
A couple of scoops of tomato-cucumber salad,
a couple of generous scoops of hummus
and a piece of Persian sesame bread.

--two Miller Lights 12oz and a couple of swigs of homemade ouzo to make that go down smoothly.

I spot some spanakopitas someone brought in...I inhale two.

Half an hour later they make falafel, I put away two of 'em with half a whole wheat pita, more tomato salad and babaganoush. Now, a 12oz Tecate.

After bumming a couple more random beers from walking around looking at girls, I get a text saying if I want to meet for korean pork belly.

"sure :)"

My chopsticks move voraciously towards three triangle pieces of greasy vegetable pancake, kimchi's of sorts a chopstickfull of creamy egg and a whole bowl of chestnut jellies--that was panchan.

Five pieces of grilled pork belly, five ladle fulls of spicy black goat soup, herbs, seven pieces of dried fish smoky, sweet chili saute with rice cakes.

"Who wants Dessert!"

Three non-pinkberry-like swirls of a hazelnutty Taro, a nutter butter flavor a little of pistachio and a lot of blueberry tart. I top it off with crushed oreos, sweet red beans, kiwi and raspberries.

Someone brings a pan dulce attempt at a napoleon. I eat some cream filling.

My bowl is clean.

Eventually my group walks in to starbucks.

"what do you want?"

I'm sipping a venti full of tea.

I just got up to get some water, I feel light again and start to feel a little hunger again--

...I'm not even messing around.


Anonymous said...

WOW.. . wow.

and this blog said...

my gosh... u have like a super power!!!! ur like SUPER METABOLISMO... the guy who eats everything!!!! instead of a cape you come with a bib... =) i want some of that super power too!

Anonymous said...

Saw you mentioned in the New Yorker! Love your food writing. Keep up the good work! :D

Jay said...

Atta boy! Keep it up. It will never catch up with you...I promise. ;-)

weezermonkey said...

I gain weight just reading about food. Life is unfair. ;)

RCakeWalk said...

Enjoy it while you can...

Lo said...

Yeah... that's a talent that wanes as you age. Gotta hand it to you,though, pretty impressive!

Andrew said...

Yo javier! So I just found your video on the downtown artwalk blog as I was randomly browsing around. It's pretty surreal seeing my homie show up all over the internet, haha.

Anyway, I have two propositions for you! First off, remember when you did that kombucha workshop back at that summer solstice festival earlier this year? Well they're having it again (this time for winter solstice), and they'd love for you to come back! you can pretty much do whatever you want. If you're into doing kombucha again, then that's cool, but if you want to have your options open then you can do that too. Mostly everything's alright, as long as it's vegetarian friendly I guess (just to fit with the crowd). Just like earlier this year, there's gonna be a mess of vendors and some rad East LA bands there too (Aztlan Underground and some other good ones). That's all going down on Saturday, December 19th, if you're interested.

Second, my friend Amy is hosting a series of totally d.i.y. lectures and cooking classes out of her apartment in Koreatown. She asked me if I could do a workshop on community organizing, and she also asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in teaching people how to cook something or just talking about food in general, and naturally you were the first person that came to mind. If you're down, I think it would be a pretty fun chance to get out there and share some knowledge. My workshop is gonna be on Thursday, January 14th if you're interested in doing it on that date too. She's also gonna be taping the lectures if you're down.

Well, anyway, let me know! Call me anytime. Hopefully I'll see you at the film screening of "The Garden" at Eastside Cafe tomorrow!

Keep inspiring,