Friday, December 04, 2009

Eat My Blog: Glutster's Mom 'Sweet Wheat' Pumpkin Empanadas!

My Mom's Empanadas de Calabasa con Piloncillo (Pumpkin and Mexican Unprocessed Brown Sugar)

Tired of just gawking over insatiable amounts foodblogger food porn and wishing of somehow being able to taste it yourself? you can with Eat My Blog!


For Saturday and Tomorrow only, over 35 Los Angeles Foodbloggers of both the recipe and restaurant kind will be baking up a storm for all of ya'll to enjoy!

I (ok, ok with the help of my mom) will be making Empanadas de Calabasa, a traditional Zacatecano, sweet, spicy and wholesome fall treat that my mom used to bake in clay ovens back in her home village in Mexico. I've been eating these even before I discovered my love for food, since I was a wee little Glutster...

Foodbloggers give back too! 100% of proceed sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

This event will seriously be epic!
Everything Ranging From Only $1-$3!

Hay los veo!


MyLastBite said...

Woa! I need to nosh on one of these tomorrow!!!

Gastronomer said...

Javier! Thank you very much for sharing your talents and treats with Eat My Blog. The empanadas were a HUGE HIT! I hope you'll make some more for our next bake sale :-)

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

i was lucky enough to score one of your empanadas before they quickly sold out! so glad i did it was delicious!

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

javier!!! it's muneca's friend from the artwalk / tribal cafe. i never understood the term "food porn" until i caught a glimpse of those empanadas de calabaza. omfg. . . why couldn't i have read this sooner?! please, please tell me there will be more emb's or empanadas otono bake sales! :D

also, hiii! ^o^

Bea said...

Nice. I love empanadas.