Monday, April 26, 2010

Ask The Glutster: Taco Arabes In The Hood!

Hey Mr. Glutster,

I was just wondering if you know of any places for Tacos Arabes? I have only had them at a truck on Olympic Blvd near the 5 freeway. I was told they have them at Cemitas Y Clayudas Pal Cabron but haven't been there yet. Know of any other places??
Any chance you know the recipe??!!

Btw I thought you did a really good job on the Bizarre foods episode. That host is kind of goofy

Thanks in advance,

Tom M.
Santa Monica


Yeeeah. If the folded, flat bread stuffed with Chipotle-dominated Adobo pork (known as Tacos Arabes) is what you want, then come on down to the 'hood homes. Its the only place you'll find this Shawarma-cut, Poblano cousin of Al Pastor man.

There is a truck on Olympic and Esperanza, just 2-3 blocks west of the neighborhood Food 4 Less there. Just look for a huge crimsoned bold, white sign slanging "TACOS ARABES" illuminated on top of this trailer truck. There are usually lots of families nibbling away, along with this middle age Mexican guy selling some pretty tasty homemade Flan in peak hours. I think they are there every night, maybe early evening too. They close shop at around 10:30 on regular days and later on weekends.

I used to date one of the owners pretty poblanita nieces man, so know the place is legit, he he.

If that truck is M.I.A, head on over to Whittier blvd. Yet again an onion's-throw away westwards of Esperanza st. just east of the Burger King. Its a Cemita truck, but they also churn out some spicy arabitos that aren't too shabby. They are there all day starting at lunch time, closing around 10ish too. Just look for a row of refurbished classroom chairs along the sidewalk.

happy porkin'

stay loco!


Geoff said...

Is that the same "Tacos Arabes" truck that used to be at Sunset and Logan in Echo Park?

mattatouille said...

are you serious? you're taking donations now? that's baller man

art a la mode said...

tacos arabes - yumm!!

you should make this an on going segment.

happy eating :) !!!

glutster said...

mattatouille: c'mon man, you know it!

art a la mode: ;)

glutster said...


I wouldn't know, never had these anywhere outside of East L.A.

Anonymous said...

In Highland Park, there's a nice little Poblano restaurant that serves some nice arabes. Eibis Restaurant near the corner of Monte Vista and Avenue 50.