Monday, April 26, 2010

The Boiling Shrimp: Basil Eggplant With Your Cajun Crab Sir?

I was made aware of this place by Angie of Ganda Thai Restaurant, the place that James Oseland of Saveur Magazine dubbed "the most authentic Thai Food in America".

After devouring some dry-braised, spicy catfish that wasn't too shabby there, she informed me that the same owner was about to open a sister restaurant down the street called The Boiling Shrimp really soon. I had a feeling it was going to be another knockoff of the The Boiling Crab. (damnit! still haven't been there!)

the boiling shrimp menu
Thai-Cajun...Why Not?

It seemed to be virtually uncharted in the google world every time I tried to look it up, so I thought it was time to put my foodblogger boots on and take one for the team...why not? It was about time I was de verginized of a good ol' Southern style boil. And plus, I figured they would be able to get some basil eggplant on the side or something, haha.

Walking in mid week, the place was empty with only a birthday dinner already finishing. These two dudes had walked in at the same time that we did, thinking it was another branch of The Boiling Crab. They were quick to turn around but I told them it was our first time too, but had a feeling it shouldn't be that much different.

bib service
Table Side Bib Service: Now That's What I Call Service!

Immediately after sitting, one of the very delightful waitresses tie a bib on you as a precautionary shellfish-guts safety measure.

crinkle cut sweet potato fries
Crinkle-Cut Camote Fries!

The first thing to arrive were the sweet potato fries, I had never seen these crinkle cut before. I was quite excited until I bit into one. Aw man, not as crispy as they looked. Oh well, nothing to write home about, but here I am writing about it so ha! Its not like we didn't finish them or something--

basil eggplant
Basil Eggplant With Your Cajun Crab Sir?: Why Not?!

Served with rice and salad with this sweet Thai dressing, it was a nice side to have in the meal. Too bad it was drowned in excess oil. Again, didn't stop me from devouring it along side with what was to come but kinda sucked still.

cajun style dungeness crab
Gettin Down N Dirty With Dungeness Crab

I was excited to finally try some Crawfish for the first time but of course...they were out! The Dungeness Crab in their Original (Louisiana) seasoning mix was definitely not a bad compromise though. Arriving in a thick plastic bag, the crustacean was whole and bathed completely in that salty, oily, spicy Louisiana seasoning sauce. I will admit to being a little lazy in having to crack my own crab with a mallet and crab cracker, luckily it was worth it. Crab meat was tender and sweet, not overcooked.

lobster in mixed sauce
Lobster Medley

We also got some lobster in the medley sauce, which is a combination of all their sauces (Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, Indian Spice). I haven't had lobster much in my life but think it didn't have to be that rubbery. Oh well, the bomb, butter and garlic intensive sauce made up for it. Albeit, a bit too rich even for me!

indian spice basil clams
Basil and Curry Clams

My favorite seasoning mix of all had to be their unique Indian Spice mix, garlic and ginger nibs through out with only the slightest tinge of curry. Basil and peppers made a surprise appearance they always do when you order the clams or mussels in any seasoning mix. And you know, they kinda make anything taste better.

Now for what really makes this place special from the rest:

thai seafood sauce
Thai Seafood Dipping Sauce: Reason Alone

A truly outstanding dipping sauce is served with whatever you get here and completes the meal beautifully. Choc full of Thai Chillies, garlic, lime juice, coriander and little sugar. And of course, super heavy on glorious fish sauce. Whiskey, the co-owner of the place was truly smiling to see me eating this without abandon. "Usually, only Thai people like!"...I should show him my fish sauce collection at home.

By the end of the meal, I just wish I had ordered a huge pile of jasmine rice to eat the salty remnants of the sauce and not those soggy fries. Also regret getting crazy and getting crab and lobster...seasonal seafood isn't cheap!

The Boiling Shrimp
5112 Hollywood Blvd #101
Los Angeles CA

Extravagant Dinner for Two: $40-80


mattatouille said...

haha extravagant dinner for two: 40-80 bucks. that's quite a range! :)

Eddie Lin said...

Teenage Glutster has reverted to being a big baby glutster with his bibby bib!! Waaahhh!! JK! Funny foto! Food looks Azin amazin'!!

weezermonkey said...

Bib pic = classic.

Ravenous Couple said...

been by this place multiple does this compare w/ boiling crab chain?

glutster said...

Mattatouille: you know how we roll man, haha.

ravenous couple: I actually never been to the boiling crab, I was going to that night, but decided on staying true to my foodblogger "FTB" ways :)

vICtoria said...

wow.taking one for the team..nice... Seems comparable to boiling crab..but different spices..duh..thanks for sharing. *adding to 'to try' list. Would you go again?

glutster said...


funny that you just commented, just had leftover boiling crab for lunch today.

And I will say, it depends on your experience that you are seeking.

If you would like some wok-fried sides and an awesome dipping sauce then come here.

So...yes, I would come back, he he.

vICtoria said...

Javier, I ate here today. Thanks for your insight. I loved it, and whoa, that sauce... $#&$^%$^$#$25$!!! Great combination, very different and BETTER than the typical vietnamese-cajun establishments in my opinion. I too will come back again. =)