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Inner City Bites: A Couple Of Food Reviews From Roosevelt High School Students

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Roughriders!: Arch Enemies Of My Bulldog Blood But They Write Food!

A while back, I was privileged enough to be asked to be a guest speaker in Mr. Gertner's journalism class in Roosevelt High School. I talked about blogging and its significance in contemporary media...and or course food blogging!

I must of rubbed off on them!

Here is an awesome review of Mariscos El Jato in Boyle Heights by Norma Briseno and Elizabeth Bolanos

Eat At Mariscos El Jato Today!

If you love fresh seafood, look no further because Mariscos El Jato is the place for you! Before coming to the United States, owner "El Jato" sold shrimp tacos in Mexico. When he finally came to the U.S in 1980, he began to sell his famous shrimp tacos from home to home in the community. After a short time, people began to recommend him and by 1996 he was selling his food from a vending truck he purchased. After opening his restaurant approximately nine years ago, the place continues to draw a crowd.
Located on the corner of 4th and Evergreen, this restaurant has been serving the Boyle Heights community and because their food is simply delicious, their cliental ranges from locals to hipsters.

Because the restaurant uses fresh ingredients, they are able to price the food at remarkably low prices. Not only are the prices good, but the family-friendly atmoshphere allows you to feel like if you were at your grandmother's house in Mexico. The restaurant has brightly, painted colored walls in colors such as orange and lime, and Aztec calendars are also mounted on the walls. Not to mention that a display of the Virgin de Guadalupe occupies a window still. In addition, soccer jerseys hang from the walls, making it pretty evident that ownder "El Jato" is a Chivas fan.


Recently the restaurant added oysters to their menu, but they are most famous for their shrimp tacos. The shrimp tacos are only a dollar each. Nothing can really compare to devouring a juicy shrimp taco after a long day. When you bite into the crunchy tortilla that tightly hugs the soft, juicy shrimp, you would probably think you were sitting alongside a beach. If you really want to send your taste buds on a ride, then add sour cream, avocado, or squirts of lemon juice. This savory meat of the sea goes down great with a cool, refreshing soda.

However, if shrimp tacos don't seem to interest you, then definately try their fish tacos. For $3.75, you receive a huge amount of breaded fish served on two tortillas. The breading doesn't overpower the taste of the fresh fish at all, and the fish remains moist and flaky. To be honest, the taco can probably serve two people so if you happen to eat your two warm tortillas and find yourself having leftover fish on your plate, feel free to ask the friendly waitresses for more tortillas, which come free of charge.
Not only does the resturant serve tacos, but their menu also includes tostadas de camaron, coctel de camaron, and fried shrimp. For $1.50 each, you can also feast on tostadas de ceviche. All of the tostadas are home-made.

The restaurant has authentic Coke bottles from Mexico, as well as Jarritos. All of their beverages are two dollars. And although the resturant does not sell beer, some customers tend to bring their own.

Overall, this small restaurant serves great tasting food at very low prices. Mariscos El Jato is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6p.m., but the place is usually packed with customers on Saturdays and Sundays so if you are tempted to try the food, it is suggested to come during the week. If you happen to run late, fear not! Just because the restaurant is closed, it does not mean that you can't enjoy the food. "El Jato" sells his famous tacos from his vendor truck on the corner of Ferris and Olympic. So what are you waiting for? Visit Mariscos El Jato today!

For more reviews, including one on The Pantry Cafe check out the High School Paper.

The Rough Rider (Roosevelt Adult High School Newspaper)

...aww, reminds me when I was a wee little food writer, he he.


Eddie Lin said...


you're already on a lecture circuit and selling Learning Annex seminars on foodbloogin'?? hadihaha!!

art a la mode said...

This makes me happy!

Mr. Gertner said...

Thanks for the free publicity, Gluster! Who knows, could the next teenage food-writing phenom from the Eastside be developing their writing chops in my class? I like what I see so far.

BTW, for readers of the Glutster, this review is no joke. Mariscos El Jato is the real thing! Personally, I love the tostadas mixtas: layers of seafood and avocado that make lunch feel like a beach vacation.

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