Friday, April 16, 2010

THIS JUST IN!: Veracruz Gastronomy Day This Sunday At La Huasteca

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I have JUST received a call from chef Rocio Camacho (formerly of Moles La Tia that this Sunday she will be doing a brunch buffet at La Huasteca for her Mexican Gastronomy series.

The brunch buffet will include only the most typical and traditional of coastal Veracruz region like:

Hoya Veracruzana, a soup made with beef shank (meaning lotsa luxurious bone marrow!) bacon, chorizo, yucca, green plantain, sweet potato, chayote, corn.

Fajitas de Pulpo (estilo Tuxtla; orange and pepper intensive marinade)

Tamales Veracruzanos incorporating the root beer-like flavor of Hoja Santa with black beans, chipotle and queso panela

Arroz Veracruzano, a rice with Black Beans and fried plantains

And a Salmon cured with Tequila and sugar

ceviche de camaron
Ceviche Veracruzano Verde: Ceviche With Serrano And Cilantro Sauce

Be there or be bland--

$17.95 Adults

$11.95 Children


La Huasteca
3150 E. Imperial Hwy.
Lynwood 90262


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