Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Selling Out...Just Want To Keep The Glutster Running: CityDeals (Going Half-ers With Profit Split!)

The graceful realities of life have been kicking my ass lately. But 5 years later, I am still blogging my heart out about good ol' food/drink and still running the occasional late yellow light on my Vespa (maybe not two in the same week anymore though; I fought the law and I lost, ha ha).

I remain stubborn in my passion for food. I know one day, I will make a decent living off this. But until that magnificent day comes, I need to start hustling my shizz with whatever I have on hand now.

So here is the deal. A company called CityDeals hits me up a few times a week with whatever cool money saving deals are roaming around on their website. And the best part, they go half-ers with me (Well, supposedly, ha ha) with whatever you guys buy through my blog.

CityDeals - Discounts Savings and Gift Cards

Most of what they offer is corporate junk stuff but there is no escaping it sometimes, admit it. And that is coming from a guy who would rather eat an apple and nuts at the market next to the fast food joint.

So click on link on top (hopefully I did everything right and it works!). There was a cool deal for IHOP breakfasts if your into that kinda thing. I used to, that's for sure, don't try to front. Oh yeah! And also, a deal on movie tickets for pinche Regal Cinemas.

Whatever, I could care less of what other people think. I have been blogging for five years and my loyal non-anonymous-commenting readers know that I'm down for my prose. It is just as strong as ever and like everyone keeps telling me..."this is just the beginning."


Eddie Lin said...

Sell out!

streetgourmetla said...


glutster said...

...says the guy with an attached groupon ad. after every single post! haha.


Just growing up and trying to make an honest living man off this shizz man with whatever I have now...eso es todo.