Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Glutster's Top 10 Desserts In L.A of 2010 (Better late than never!)

Alright, I tried to ignore the responsibility of doing this post but being an equal opportunity is my obligation to treat the sweets with the same respect!
So here ya' go. Again, my list will be a bit different than everyone else's, enjoy.

diablito de coco
Diablito De Coco: The "Chivas" Diablito Truck by La Puente Swap Meet on Sunday Mornings

It is not uncommon to see a small traffic jam form at this popular Eastside Diablito spot. Last time there were at least V-8 trucks idling in line for it. A kid writes your order on his hand, everyone is getting the icy, hand-spun Mexican sorbet and spicy chili treat. A diablito is quite unique, creamy, sweet, than spicy and sour enough to make your lip pucker up. A Tama-Roca 'straw' is the Mexican equivalent to using a red vine to suck up soda at a movie theater, only here, the straw will be wrapped with chewy, tart tamarind pulp and chili powder. Mix it all up for a sweet, spicy, icy unrivaled treat.

Red O Creamy Goat Cheese Cheesecake
Creamy Goat Cheese Cheesecake: Red O

I don't really care about all the technical drama regarding Rick Bayless and this place. Bottom line is that this is a damn good dessert. Creamy, slightly gamy, goat cheese set atop a crust of Mexican "Maria" vanilla cookies and kept interesting with a herby sauce of Sassafras (root beer flavor source). Good luck trying to eat here though, the place is known for having a jerk bouncer in front. Oh, well, a good dessert is a good dessert.

a bunch
Assorted Breakfast Pastries: BabyCakes NYC

I waited out in line the first day this place was open. This conscious East Coast bakery might be vegan, gluten-free, agave sweetened etc. but that doesn't really hold them back from cranking out some extra decadent baked goods. I fancy whatever donuts they have in stock, or anything else for that matter. The biscuit sandwich is stuffed with homemade strawberry and is flaky, crumby and all around heavenly for breakfast sometimes. But the reason I really liked this place? Well, they have these things called "cupcake tops" which eschews the boring, cakey mass paradox of cupcakes!

my first baked alaska! (green tea)
Baked Green Tea Alaska W/ Raspberry Sauce: Maison Akira

I don't know if was because this was my very first Baked Alaska ever or the stunning presentation (almost burnt my booming peach fuzz, dirt lip mustache!!). No, it was just a tasty dessert when I really think on it. S'more like, charred, liquor-flavored fluffiness mixed in with full-fat, creamy green tea ice cream? And who doesn't love pretty red raspberry swirls that actually taste good?

coconut bavaroia
Coconut Bavarois: Red Medicine

Again, a good dessert is a good dessert...drama or not. The first time I had this complex take on a Vietnamese classic was at Jordan Kahn's temporary show at Test Kitchen. Since then, I remember being dumbfounded by all the different textures, not just crunchiness but even different layers of crunchy textures. An airy glob of salty rice crispy peanut croquant, some bitter cookie-crumb like chicory-coffee pieces, herby pieces of Thai Basil, and the creamy coconut custard. Pretty fucken bad ass no matter what if you ask me.

(Soy Based) Caramel Oreo Ice Cream: Scoops Westside

I don't think my Ice Cream mate and I have ever came to Scoops Westside and not taken home a pint of whatever Oreo enhanced Ice Cream they have. Maybe its because the oreo's are always crunchy on top, or maybe its because I swear the ice cream is just one big frozen mound of oreo's cream center. Sweet dreams are made out of this stuff, with only the faintest of caramel notes and lighter, icier texture. No matter what, you can always rely on the finest of international coffees to chase it down with.

palm sugar caramel avocado dessert
ES Al Pukhet: Au Lac (Westminster)

This Indonesian dessert masterpiece is the passionate work of Chef Ito of Au Lac. His raw rendition of the pudding favorite is made from Reed Avocadoe's, home-spun coconut paste and a thick, raw palm sugar caramel.

Matcha Latte and Slice of Vegan Chocolate Cake: Urth Caffe

I was taught the art of daily decadence from an early age from my brother. Still to this day, there is not one day he does not eat a huge slice of dark Chocolate something. This pairing is only for the most of extreme bitter chocolate aficionados, the cake itself is pretty hardcore. Because of its vegan-ality, its more chocolaty than sweet and the ratio of frosting to cake will either make you really happy or really sick. And that Matcha? Sure, it looks pretty as all hell but its even more bitter. I can only do this dessert a couple of times a month as the combined caffeine of these two is also not for the faint of heart...literally.

Snickerz Pie
Snickers Pie: Mooi

All those attempts to detox the morning after sparked a whole new appreciation for a good raw vegan dessert. Out of all, I think Mooi's was the more profound. A buttery crust, a creamy layer of chocolate-date paste and a layer of salty raw sunflower paste somehow came together and mimicked the flavor of snickers bar down to the milk chocolate and squishy-crunchy texture of the child favorite bar.

Truffled Hot Chocolate
Pine Nut Tart
Pine Nut Tart With Truffled Spiced Hot Chocolate: Drago Centro

Jashmine Corpuz, the pastry chef of Drago Centro has been sweeping me clean off my feet since the first time I had the privilege of sampling her sweet labor. The savory element of desserts is often widely underestimated. And when you hit that cloyingly sweet brick wall, all of a sudden...fleur de sal on top caramel just won't do it any more. Corpuz is brilliantly aware of that. That airy foam on top of your spicy hot chocolate will be speckled with ground truffle and will leave you with the most unforgettable of milk mustaches. And don't fear the goat in her slightly gamy, goat cheese gelato that sits next to the profoundly tender pine nut tart next to it, it is more scared of you that you are of it.


Nomsnotbombs said...

Ooh nice list! I haven't tried most of these. Guess I have to get workin' on that. Love the shot of the baked Alaska.

gourmetpigs said...

Oh that's actually a very different rendition of the Indonesian avocado smoothie, es alpukat (maybe the Au Lac owner was gunning for a pun with his spelling :P). Usually it's with coffee or chocolate, but now I definitely want to try this.

the actor's diet said...

that soy oreo gelato from scoops is terrific - but have you tried the PB version?!? HEAVEN!!!

glutster said...

Noms: Yeah that baked Alaska is so underestimated but it is so bomb! :)

gourmetpigs: He also does a raw version of tamarind soup! Chef ito is pretty gifted, we should go!

theactorsdiet: No...but that sounds even BETTER! thanks for the tip.

Raven Simone said...

Wow, those foods look amazing!!

glutster said...


Awh Shucks!

thanks :)

Food, she thought. said...

I WANT IT ALLL!!!!!!!!

but really, i want that goat cheese cheesecake. i would do anything for goat cheese. try me.

glutster said...

foodshethought: Alright...I will! ;) haha.

Rachel said...

These all look INCREDIBLE. Thank you for posting this; I'll have to check all of them out. Sorry ahead of time, thighs. :D

Christina said...

That baked alaska is so damn impressive. I love any dessert that flames.

glutster said...

Rachel: haha. Well, most of these desserts aren't that bad so you're tighs will actually be happy with you :)

Christina: fire and sugar right? How can a combination of those two NOT be good, he he. thanks for reading :)