Friday, January 28, 2011

Teenage Glutster Now Officially Moving to

So this recent hiatus actually has a legit excuse. I've been secretly working--or just trying to figure out--my new official website finally!

Yup, The Glutster is now officially up and running. I should had waited but I just really wanted to launch it on my birthday, ha ha. So I did and now I must deal with the consequences. Which includes having to post half-ass'edly since I don't know how to do the header photo and have yet to discover how to transfer the blogger comment boards. But...the show must go on right?

Hopefully when completely done, this new website will push me to take a more professional approach to my blogging. My dream may be silly but I still wish to someday make a living writing and I will stick to my fine point guns no matter what. 2011 is going to be a powerful year for me with a certain awesome internship, a feature length piece in a national food magazine and full-length segment on the new Cooking Channel coming up in my near future. But unlike my past brushes with fame....I will keep the online traffic train going strong this time around.

I would just like to thank Emerson Quevedo of Slackfeed, Tino Garcia and Carmen Melgoza of Vivela Podcast for making my dream site a reality!

Without further adieu, I now present!

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