Monday, October 11, 2010

J. Gold's 2nd Annual Union Station Zocalo Speakeasy Cocktail Fundraiser And Finally Being Legal To Go

speakeasy ambiance photo
What's The Password?: 213

Oh, how does time fly. I swear it was just a couple of months ago that I was on The New Yorker for not being able to attend this very event last year!

What can I say other than it was pretty cool, especially since I was asked by the charming Zocalo girls to cover the event.

I got there a little after it started as I had a long night of other destinations ahead of me. The password to get in was "213".

Braised Pork From Grace
Braised Pork, Squash Flan, Smoked Sage Jus: Grace Restaurant

Despite my 21 year old stereotype, I dug into the food before the booze. Stand outs were the obvious, providence went all out and was serving the straight up good shit. Buttery pieces of Japanese Kanpachi Sashimi with a sliver of tendon and Vietnamese style fish sauced slaw. While Grace Restaurant (pictured above) went for comfort and served smoky, tender joy.

The drinks were awesome as well with my favorites being the conservative style of The Varnish's hand shaken Plymouth Fitzgerald. Simple with Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, sugar and Angostura Bitters but effective with its spicy, sour taste. CaƱa's "Cruzan Rum Ace Of Spades" was more complex and not bad at all neither, basically a Daiquiri with Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum and Cacao bitters.

The Plymouth Fitzgerald
A Twain Of Plymouth Fitzerald's: The Varnish

It was nice to see everybody in da' club all snazzed up in their speakeasy best but I made like a banana and split after a while, The Gears were playing a show at The Redwood and my jet white T.U.K faux dress shoes needed to be dirtied up a bit.

Salud! to Jonathan Gold for being bad ass and basically making me. And to Zocalo for keeping it real and supporting the scene.

Looking forward to even more controversial panel topics and even more eating and drinking next year!

Zocalo Public Square


Christina said...

Man, I could go for the pork and squash flan right now! Sounds like a really cool combination.

glutster said...

christina: It was pretty dang tender too. I need to braise more...maybe my new years revolution for next year? :)